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What is NewNode?

NewNode is a secure, private messenger app engineered to work with or without internet access or cell service. Our goal is to provide every user with the ability to stay connected and build community worldwide – regardless of their internet access.

Using the open-source NewNode peer-to-peer protocol, the NewNode messaging app can connect to other uses through a secure network of mobile devices stretching around the world when access to the internet or cell service is compromised or unavailable.

The NewNode protocol first seeks conventional means to send and receive encrypted messages and files. When those are not available, the NewNode protocol seeks the best route for the messages to be sent or received by leveraging devices connected to each other by Bluetooth or WiFi Direct.

Why did you make NewNode?

We believe that free and open communication is a fundamental human right that enables society to function. As our society rapidly turns to online spaces to fulfill this need, safe and resilient communication online is essential.

NewNode guarantees this right for everyone – regardless of where you live, how much money you earn, or those who would seek to threaten your access.

How is NewNode different from other messenger apps like WhatsApp and Telegram?

While Telegram and Whatapp are fine messaging apps, neither works without the internet or a cell connection. NewNode does.

End-to-end encrypted, NewNode provides a secure and private user experience, ensuring that no one outside of your chats can view or listen to your content. Unlike other messenger apps that rely on access to the internet or cellular data, NewNode delivers your messages as quickly as possible, either through a standard wifi connection or a network of connected devices. Through its peer-to-peer content delivery platform, NewNode ensures the resiliency of your communication, even if your local cell tower is knocked out in a natural disaster or when visiting a country without a solid internet infrastructure. The more people that use it, the stronger the connection becomes.

How secure is NewNode?

NewNode is decentralized and server-independent, protecting against censorship or attack from external forces, and protects your privacy with end-to-end encryption.

Does NewNode collect user data?

NewNode does not collect any individual data outside of a phone number at signup to limit the proliferation of spam accounts.

Why do you ask for my phone number to set up an account?

Phone numbers are unique. It is hard for scammers to create fake phone numbers cheaply — unlike emails or usernames.

We will never share your phone number with anyone under any circumstances.

Can I be anonymous on the app?

Yes. The only information users must provide is a phone number. If a user's name isn't linked to the phone number they're using for NewNode, they can maintain total anonymity while using the app.

Are my messeges private?

NewNode provides end-to-end encryption for all messages, and does not see or save any aspect of your messages or file shares. The only information passing from one device to another is the requested content. We care deeply about privacy and we have designed NewNode to keep your data safe from start to finish.

How does NewNode work without the internet?

At the core of both our NewNode messaging app as well as the NewNode VPN is the open-source NewNode protocol. It’s this protocol that automatically detects the optimal path for your data. If there is no wifi connection, NewNode will route your traffic through a network of connected devices.

As long as one of the peer devices down the line has access to a functional mobile network, your device will too. This strategy bypasses the limited central server of typical messenger apps and enables higher levels of connectivity.

How do I find other people on NewNode?

NewNode allows you to easily message any other NewNode users who are already in your device's contact book. Users can also be invited to group chats, including people from outside their contacts list.

How do I invite other people to use NewNode?

If you would like to invite a contact who does not have NewNode installed on their device to use the messenger, you can send the contact an invite via SMS.

How much memory does running the app require?

NewNode's memory footprint is similar to that of other leading messaging apps and should not cause any issues for device performance.

Can I delete my account?

Yes. There is a "deactivate account" option in the NewNode settings menu which removes the user's registration.

When your account is deactivated, you can no longer send or receive messages via NewNode, and you will no longer appear on other NewNode users' contact lists. You and your contacts will retain any messages or content stored on your own devices, but NewNode will not retain any data beyond a record of the account’s existence associated with your phone number.

User content is only ever stored on NewNode servers (fully encrypted) for as long as it takes for a message to be delivered; NewNode does not retain content post-delivery even for active users.

Can I send files through the app?

Yes, you can send any type of content on NewNode, including video, large files, and websites with dynamic content.

What protocol does the app run on?

NewNode runs on the open-source NewNode protocol. NewNode connects you to a group of peer devices, each of which has its own group of peer devices in a network stretching across the world. When a direct connection isn’t possible, NewNode leverages the power of this network to move your message along.

So long as one of the peer devices down the line has access to a functional mobile or WiFi network with access to the internet, then your device will too. NewNode will not use your device for traffic if the network is congested, so it won’t overload your network.  This strategy bypasses the limited central server of typical messenger apps and enables higher levels of connection.

NewNode’s protection against digital surveillance and censorship is rooted in its decentralized Content Delivery Network (dCDN) — a specialized way of efficiently delivering internet traffic. A traditional content delivery network (CDN) avoids traffic bottlenecks at origin servers by delivering content from multiple different servers. In the decentralized version, a peer-to-peer network turns each user downloading content into a node capable of delivering traffic to other users.

Why do NewNode and NewNode VPN automatically turn on my Bluetooth and WiFi?

Due to the varying capabilities of devices, some peers can use Bluetooth, some can use WiFi Direct, some can use both, while some don’t have the capability at all.

The NewNode P2P protocol used in both the NewNode app and NewNodeMessenger uses any and all communications options available to it in order to relay encrypted messages through peers when conventional internet connectivity is spotty or unavailable.

The NewNode protocol communicates directly with peers how it best can in order to maximize its chances of being able to communicate and connect with other peers.

How can I tell if NewNode is working?

We've created a simple procedure to help you test whether NewNode works for you!

To test the messenger, follow these instructions.

To test the VPN, follow these instructions.

When will NewNode be available for iPhone?

NewNode is coming to the Apple Store soon (anticipated November 2022). Subscribe here to be informed when NewNode is released for iOS.

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