About NewNode

The NewNode product line was created to enable people to connect under any circumstance. Founded by Stanislav Shalunov and the core team from FireChat, NewNode represents the pinnacle of many years of effort to make the internet free and accessible to everyone.

NewNode’s primary product, called “NewNode,” is a mobile messenger which enables users to communicate in situations of limited internet access. Examples include internet censorship, natural disasters, and visiting parts of the world where Internet connection is spotty. 

The NewNode project also has two other products that use the NewNode protocol to provide improved Internet access: NewNode VPN and NewNode Kit. NewNode VPN is a mobile VPN app, and NewNode Kit is an SDK that enables app developers to integrate the NewNode protocol into their apps, increasing the reliability of users’ access to their app content. 

NewNode’s product line offers total, unblockable access to online messaging, web surfing, and apps.