Test if NewNode VPN is working.

Thank you for downloading NewNode VPN, the app that lets you reach content when both your mobile data and your WiFi are unavailable.

Why test NewNode VPN?

NewNode VPN is an app with a unique feature: the ability to connect when you are disconnected from your normal Internet infrastructure. 

Even if your Internet connection is working fine now, it is a good idea to test out NewNode VPN's Internet-less feature before you need it. Think of this exercise as a fire drill - making sure NewNode VPN works before anything goes wrong, so you don’t have to worry if you do lose access.

How to Test NewNode VPN

To test NewNode, you will need two phones. So grab a friend or family member, and let’s get started!

1. Download NewNode VPN on both phones. Follow the rest of these instructions on both phones to get set up.

2. Turn off the mobile data your phone (note: only disconnect one phone). You can find the mobile data toggle in your phone’s settings - it is usually represented by an icon of two arrows facing in opposite directions, like this:

Two arrows facing in opposite directions

3. Step out of range of your WiFi connection. If you are inside your home, walk outside and down the street until your phone disconnects. (You can also do this on your phone by disconnecting from your home WiFi and choosing the “forget this network” option).

4. Make sure not to turn off your wifi capability completely, because NewNode will use WiFi Direct to connect to nearby NewNode devices when you are disconnected from your home Wifi.

5. Open your web browser and type in your favorite website! You will connect through your friend's connection.

You can now access content when your usual Internet infrastructure is unavailable.