NewNode for Developers

NewNode Kit provides an unbreakable connection between your app and your users. If a user can't access the app's content via conventional means, the NewNode protocol seeks alternative paths to the content by making dynamic HTTP Proxy Requests using the NewNode peer-to-peer protocol.

The NewNode Kit is available to anyone developing ioS or Android apps as an open-source library.

NewNode GitHub
NewNode GithubScreenshot of the open source NewNode Github pageThe NewNode GitHub pageNewNode Kit provides wifi for app usersNewNode uses bluetooth capabilities to connect with other devices

Making apps' content unblockable

The NewNode Kit is used by Android and iOS app developers who have concerns about their app or app content being blocked or compromised by authoritarian governments or by draconian ISP policies.

The NewNode Kit allows apps to seek alternative paths to access otherwise blocked content. If an app user can't access the app's content via conventional means, the NewNode peer-to-peer protocol seeks alternative paths to the content.

NewNode allows users to access an app's content in spite of internet blocks

SDK Tech Specs

Distributed Hash Table (DHT)

The NewNode protocol uses the same DHT utilized by BitTorrent, giving it access to more than 25 million nodes across the world. Those nodes give it availability, resiliency, and speed.


Low Extra Delay Background Transport (LEDBAT) is an algorithm that transfers data without clogging the network.

Secure Peer Protocol

The NewNode protocol is made up of HTTP over LEDBAT with additional features such as transport encryption, range requests and authentication using a Merkle tree.

NewNode protocol
Learn more about the components and workings of the NewNode protocol
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View NewNode's detailed technical spec here

Help with Implementation

We can assist your development team in integrating the NewNode Kit into your app:
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