NewNode VPN is a super-VPN

Like other VPNs, it creates a new path to deliver content that is blocked for a user's location, and provides an extra layer of privacy.

Unlike other VPNs, NewNode VPN takes untraceable paths to get content, and provides connectivity when users have unreliable internet access.

What is a VPN?

A VPN (Virtual Private Network) routes all internet traffic from your phone through a dedicated encrypted channel. You access the same resources, but through a different path.

If you don't use a VPN, censorship devices that governments install at ISPs (Internet Service Providers) detect which resources you're accessing and can block you. With a VPN, the target resource is hidden, so these devices are powerless, and you can access any Internet resource you want.

What is a VPN, and how is NewNode different?


Features of NewNode VPN
Reach website

Allows users to reach any website


Encrypted to protect your identity

Check mark - NewNode VPN will find the way

Finds a new, unpredictable path to content every time you go online

How NewNode VPN
is different


Users of the NewNode VPN join a network of other NewNode devices - phones with NewNode, NewNode VPN or a NewNode Kit-enabled app.

Dynamic Path Finder

If a web resource is blocked for one user, NewNodeVPN finds an unblocked path through other nodes.

Serverless Content Delivery

NewNode VPN does not rely on central servers. There is no single chokepoint that can be used for censorship or snooping.

True Privacy

Because the network path changes randomly from one transaction to the next, NewNode VPN keeps user traffic secure from monitoring or IP-based blocking.

Illustration of how NewNode VPN is different than other VPNs

How to install
NewNode VPN


Install NewNode VPN through the Play Store, the Apple Store, or a third party APK.
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Follow the instructions to install
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Test NewNode VPN
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Now you have access to any website, under any circumstance.