NewNode update allows signing up without a phone number!

July 10, 2023
NewNode update allows signing up without a phone number!

We are thrilled to announce that NewNode—the reliable peer-to-peer messenger—is available on the Google Play Store with a big update! We deeply appreciate your patience and support while it passed through review. Now, we're back with even stronger security, an updated user experience, and new ways to connect.

At NewNode, your privacy and security are our top priorities. With our updated privacy policy and disclosure, we want to ensure that you have a crystal-clear understanding of how your information is used when you use our services. Here's a brief overview:

1️. Account Creation: To enjoy our services, you will need to provide your mobile phone number or email address to create an account. Rest assured, all NewNode messages and calls are end-to-end encrypted, meaning they cannot be accessed by us or any third parties.

2. Privacy of User Data: We want to emphasize that NewNode does not use, sell, rent, or monetize your messages, personal data or content in any way. Your information remains strictly confidential at all times. Our technology—in particular its security protocols—has passed scrutinous independent audits and our core product can be publicly reviewed at

3. Third-Party Services: NewNode may allow you to interact with third-party websites, apps, content, and products. Please be aware that when using these services, their respective terms and privacy policies govern your interaction.

Rest assured that NewNode does not collect location data, ever. Our revolutionary peer-to-peer mesh networking technology instantaneously uses (and forgets) your location, solely for discovering, connecting to, and routing through nearby devices.

Finally, in addition to having updated our privacy policy, NewNode now offers email registration– allowing verification codes to be received via email, as well as a new username feature, meaning your identity can remain anonymous to others on the app. 

We are excited to have NewNode back on the Google Play Store, and we are committed to connecting you to others, even in the most adverse conditions. Thank you for choosing NewNode as your trusted communication platform!

If you have any further questions or concerns, please reach out to us at

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