NewNode Kit: resilient peer-to-peer content delivery, no matter what

July 4, 2023
NewNode Kit: resilient peer-to-peer content delivery, no matter what

App developers around the world face the challenge of providing reliable access to their apps for a large user base. Content delivery can be expensive, networks can be unreliable, and disruptions, both natural and intentional, can cause total blackouts. NewNode Kit can add your app to a worldwide peer-to-peer content delivery system by just including the SDK. This software development kit (SDK) allows developers to seamlessly integrate the NewNode protocol into their apps, ensuring secure and uninterrupted access to content even in the face of censorship.

NewNode Kit Integration Benefits

NewNode Kit seamlessly replaces standard network calls with calls to NewNode’s network. NewNode protocol routes traffic via peers when it is faster but steps aside and allows it to flow direct if good direct connections can be made. NewNode offers developers resilience.

1. Resilience to Censorship: NewNode Kit ensures your app remains resilient to censorship attempts. Even if censors block specific DNS names or IP addresses associated with your content servers, data can still reach your app by taking new and unpredictable routes each time. This makes it virtually impossible to block access effectively.

2. Resilience to Network Outages: In cases where standard WiFi or 4G networks become unavailable due to technical malfunctions, natural disasters, or government-led shutdowns, users can still access your app's content through the NewNode protocol. This ensures uninterrupted service and maintains user engagement.

3. Resilience to Deep Packet Inspection (DPI): NewNode encrypts and obfuscates all traffic, making it indistinguishable from BitTorrent traffic on the wire. This prevents Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) techniques from filtering out traffic based on its source or content, ensuring your app remains accessible.

4. Asynchronous Content Delivery: Unlike traditional CDNs, NewNode offers asynchronous content delivery. If a local NewNode network becomes isolated from the rest of the world, users can still access cached data from any nodes within their reach. 

NewNode Kit Today

NewNode Kit has gained significant traction since its launch in 2019 and has become a valuable tool for numerous content apps. Some of our notable customers include Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, Voice of America, Meduza, (formerly TUT.BY), and True Story. 

We are trusted by app developers facing network issues anywhere to keep access to their content open in challenging situations.

We are continuing to improve NewNode Kit. We’ve made continual protocol and routing improvements based on experimentation with in-country machines in artificial adverse environments.

Getting Started with NewNode Kit Integration

Integrating NewNode Kit into your app is a straightforward process. The NewNode Kit is available as an open-source package on GitHub under a GPL 2.0 license, allowing your app's development team to seamlessly incorporate the NewNode protocol. Read our manual on React Native Integration. If desired, NewNode also offers assistance, support, and full integration services led by their experienced team. To explore these options, please contact

By integrating NewNode Kit into your app, you empower your users with secure and reliable access to your content, even in the face of censorship. Take a proactive stance against governmental censorship and ensure your app remains accessible to users. Together, we can promote open communication and information exchange. Learn more about NewNode Kit at

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