Introducing NewNode: Communication for Protestors

May 31, 2023
Introducing NewNode: Communication for Protestors

In a world where major social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter are often blocked during times of mass protests, an alternative means of communication becomes crucial. Enter NewNode, a powerful platform produced by the creators of Firechat, which aims to empower Pakistani protestors by enabling them to connect and organize effectively.

NewNode's Capabilities:

NewNode utilizes a technology called mesh networking to facilitate communication without relying on traditional network infrastructure. This means that even with restricted internet access, NewNode allows protestors to connect and share information. Its delay-tolerant nature ensures messages can be sent and received despite intermittent connectivity. Learn more about the technology behind NewNode by reading our article about peer-to-peer messaging, or browsing through our website.

NewNode’s History:

NewNode was created by the developers of Firechat, a mesh networking messaging app that enabled protests around the world in the 2010’s. Firechat was a key instrument for the protestors in Hong Kong in 2014. When Firechat shut down due to business factors, the core team moved to NewNode, where they have been able to continue their important work. Recently, NewNode has been used to enable communication during the 2020 Belarussian protests, as well as helping users in Russia and Iran.

Helping Pakistani Protestors:

In light of recent events in Pakistan, where social media platforms were blocked and internet services were restricted following the arrest of Imran Khan, NewNode presents a lifeline for protestors. By downloading the NewNode app, individuals can establish connections within a mesh network, enabling real-time coordination and sharing of important updates. This decentralized approach allows messages to bypass network blockages, ensuring effective communication.

Test it:

We invite Pakistani protestors to try out NewNode and share their experiences. Download the app, connect with others, and contribute to a resilient communication network. Use NewNode to coordinate protest activities, share vital information, and create a robust communication system that adapts to challenging circumstances.

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