Fireside Messenger is now NewNode

November 4, 2022
Fireside Messenger is now NewNode

You can now find Fireside Messenger listed as NewNode in the Play Store and on our website.

All NewNode products share the same goal: to reliably connect users to internet-based services. We made this name change to emphasize the unity of the NewNode brand, which includes NewNode VPN and NewNode Kit in addition to the messenger.  

NewNode (previously Fireside Messenger) works even when there is no internet. Messages sent through NewNode bypass internet censorship, and are securely encrypted. With NewNode, we hope to ensure free, unblockable messaging for everyone.

NewNode is our flagship product, where we will focus most of our attention and resources going forward. In the messenger, we see the highest potential for broad, worldwide adoption. 

Click here to see the new listing for NewNode in the Play Store, and to download the app if you haven’t already.

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